Dev-Diary #1: London bridge is falling down


Falling down like our brains when we first released the alpha of The Steampunk League, i guess.

But we got positive reviews after all, so we’re now more motivated to proceed in our work!

Steampunk League Alpha video review

Nonetheless, also thanks to those videos, we also noticed many actual not-very-technical problems of our alpha, such as:

  • Lack of a keymapping tutorial;
  • Lack of any storytelling or environment explanation;
  • Fountain puzzle not yet completed;
  • A totally dumbass AI;
  • A destructible barricade letting people think the level was finished, while there was at least another half of the map to explore.

Surely a lot of things to improve, but we’re just at the beginning of this path, so we endure and go forward!

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