DiXidiasoft is back!

DiXidiasoft WIP

Hi there!

Dixidiasoft is proud to introduce you to our freshly new website.

You’ll be able to read here all the news you’d like about our games. As you should know, if you’re following us on Facebook, we’re currently developing four games.

We’re soon giving birth to two of them: “The Steampunk League” and “Match”.

The others are “Realm of Swordfall Online” and “Realm of Swordfall – Trading Card Game”. The first is our most ambitious and difficult job, and this is why it takes more time to be developed than the others.

Anyway, you can be sure that we’re doing all we can do to settle it and to have it ready for you as soon as possible.

We’re happy to be here with you, starting this kind of adventure. We put all our strenghts (even if we’re not superheroes) in this games. Also because most of us are players too and we’d like to have a game worthy of this name.

To dwell on, we also need your help, your advice, your comment, your involvement, and whatever you want to give to see your games ready…

So, stay tuned for more news and check often this website or our Fb-pages.

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