Match: The Tournament announced!

Match Wallpaper

“The World? An open door to misfortune.”

With this catchphrase I’ll introduce to you the world of Match: The Tournament.
Imagine for a moment to be involved in something you do not fully understand, or that you d’ rather do not understand, and have only one way out: win the tournament, or lose and accept the consequences.

What is Match: The Tournament ?

Match: The Tournament is an Arcade Puzzle Game for Windows 8, Android and Web. You will be called to personify one of nine possible characters participating in the tournament and do your best to win, gain money and your freedom.
During the encounters you will have the opportunity to discover other aspects of your character life and background, as his or her motivation in participating in the Match Game as well.

The gameplay will be simple but not easy to master and will feature a Player versus Player mode as a Player versus CPU mode as well, in order to encourage the players to “match” themselves for the first place.

We’ll do a recap as soon as possible, with some news about the status of the development and screenshots too.

Stay tuned.

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